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Haida group for the 2013 model good advanced individual decision

       2013 haida group all the cadre staff to unity, fighting spirit of the haida, science and technology, dedication, in complex macroscopic environment and the fierce market competition situation, to fully implement the scientific concept of development, is committed to promote enterprise's core competitiveness, optimize the industrial structure, efforts to develop the market, strengthen team construction and development of corporate culture, perfect the management system, quality system, with increase in economic indicators steady, smooth achieved good development momentum.During the year, the company has emerged a large number of outstanding achievements of model, excellent and advanced individual.In order to commend advanced, carry forward the typical, incentive and decision model of 2013 year, outstanding, advanced individual honors.Want to be recognition of the individual in the next work, continue to carry forward the new fashion, innovation performance again, for the construction development of haida made new again.Hope that all the cadres and staff at the same time learn from them, hard work, solid work, strive for the realization of the new target task!
       Group company is in the new period of development, all the cadres and staff to learn advanced typical further, to stick to "unity, struggle, science and technology, dedication" spirit of enterprise, adhere to scientific development, harmonious development;Strengthen internal management, good internal strength;Do a good job in energy conservation and emissions reduction, improve the economic benefit;Seeking good stability, good refinement, for casting haida brand in one hundred, for the development of a sustained, stable, healthy and harmonious new haida make a greater contribution!
(honor list attached)